In such a short time, creatine has become the most researched pre-workout supplement on the internet. The reason for such popularity is that it provides the much-needed energy for the short-term but robust set of exercises. These exercises can range from sprinting to pulling heavyweights in the gym.

Moreover, the reason for its popularity is also the reason most athletes and other people misunderstand it. Some people consider the supplement unsafe for the human body and have marked it as an unhealthy product, even though there is no evidence to support their claim. On the contrary, many others think that the product is safe for everyone. Keeping facts straight, it is still widely used by famous athletes and bodybuilders all over the world.



What is Creatine?

A naturally occurring substance, creatine, is found in our muscle tissues in the form of phosphocreatine. It is also found in our kidneys, liver, and brain. The human body can also produce creatine using amino acids, arginine, and glycine.

Creatine aids muscle cells during high-intensity workouts and heavy lifting by helping your body in producing energy.

Creatine is also present in protein-rich diets and is primarily found in fish and meat. But Then Again, it is also a known fact that you will need to eat a lot of meat and fish to get the desired amount. That is why taking a supplement containing creatine is better than eating a lot of fish and meats. It is an efficient method and will play a massive role in boosting your energy levels.


How does the whole process work?

Creatine is basically a supplement that boosts the energy levels required to do heavy exercises. It generally helps in the regeneration of molecules called ATP- the body's energy currency. More ATPs more will be your energy during the workout. When the creatine present in your muscles is finished/depleted, the ATP production comes to a halt resulting in depletion of energy levels. Therefore taking supplements containing creatine help you increase your overall strength, maximize energy levels, and enhance the power output.


Who can benefit from creatine?

Although it is said that people who do hard workouts and strenuous exercise should use these products, but this is the thing about creatine that many people misunderstand.

The supplement isn't just for people who do bodybuilding or are hard hitters at the gym. Other people, such as athletes ranging from swimmers to soccer players, can also boost their energy levels by swallowing the Creatine-based capsules. 

Creatine supplements are not just about increasing the energy level but also about boosting strength and increasing endurance ability. Because of these characteristics, the product is safe for people who like to play football or hockey, or even Polo.

Additionally, creatine is also helpful for people who have suffered from a heart attack, Huntington's disease, and neuromuscular issues.

Although it is said that it is a long-lasting supplement, it is not, and (not bragging, but) will only provide energy for merely 4- hours.

Check out this video showing results of use:


How should creatine be taken?

Generally, creatine is taken in two ways.

The first way involves two phases: loading and maintaining. The first phase requires taking 20 grams of creatine in the form of split doses for a maximum of 7 days. When the first phase, i.e., loading, is done, you should move towards the second phase.

The second phase requires that your intake 5 grams of creatine on a daily basis. This second phase is known as the maintenance phase. The whole idea behind the loading and maintenance phase is to allow the muscles to recover at a faster pace. During the loading phase, the muscles are saturated at a quicker speed to get more immediate results.

The second way of taking creatine is a lengthy process as you will have to wait for a while to get the desired results. It requires you to take a 5-gram dose from the start. It doesn't matter which method you chose; you will reap the benefits.

We have done some research for your convenience and have made an organic creatine supplement that will tend to your needs. Our products are organically produced, so there will be no side effects, even if you do the cycling process. Cycling Creatine refers to a process in which you take the supplement and then, after some time, stop taking it. Cycling creatine will not end in enhanced results, which is why it is advised that for added benefits, you should consider using organically made products.


When should creatine be taken?

Creatine-based supplements are helpful for the human body, and there are two kinds of recommendations when it comes to creatine. The first recommendation is that you should use it as a pre-workout supplement, and the other is that you should intake it after the exercise, as it will absorb better.

According to our personal perspective, downing one of these capsules before the workout is always better. It will help you endure the pain, and you can do some really powerful activities. On the other hand, you can use it after the workout, as your weary muscles will absorb it better, and you will not feel any pain.


Are Creatine-based supplements safe for use?

Taking creatine is as safe as eating a salad. It is one of the safest supplements in the whole market. Although there are many misconceptions and myths about the product, it is still the most research and top-selling sports supplement. For example, there is a specific myth about the product that damages the liver. Still, if we keep the facts straight, there are no additives that can potentially harm the human body. That is why it is recommended that you should use these Creatine-Based Capsules to get the desired results for at least 12 weeks.


What are the best Creatine-based products?

Though there are plenty of Creatine-based supplementary products in the market, not all are organically made. Hence, you have to be careful while choosing the best creatine supplement for you. Our products are made organically and have no side effects. They are fit for use as a sports supplement. Here are two of our top sellers:

Creatine Hybrid Capsules – Aid Organic

Creatine Hybrid Capsules also referred to as a creatine complex, are made from premium quality creatine. The product is also rich in amino acids and vitamins and contains additives marked as safe for human consumption.

Creatine Hybrid Capsules are widely used by bodybuilders and athletes and have shown promising results. It is advised that you should take two capsules per day to get the desired results. This isn’t a substitute for your daily diet, so it is recommended that you should avoid taking it if you haven’t eaten anything.



Pre-workout Capsules Orange – Aid Organic

It is a sports-based Pre-workout Capsules that are widely popular among people who love doing power exercises and want to enhance their overall performance. Pre-workout Capsules come in orange flavor and have a certain charm to them. These capsules provide energy to your body and will keep you fully charged throughout your exercise. Not only this, but it will heal your weary muscles and will increase the overall blood flow too. This is just the product that you need if you want to achieve mental focus and need to concentrate on your exercises. For enhanced results, it is recommended that you add whey protein to your diet. 


Why is hybrid creatine made by aid organic the best creatine supplement out there?

As mentioned earlier, Creatine Hybrid Capsules are made from premium quality organically sourced material. They are popular in the community because of their potency and exceptional purity. Many users have reported significant improvements in their exercise routine after using Creatine Hybrid Capsules. It is the best Creatine-based supplement out there because it improves the overall strength, increases lean muscle mass, and helps the muscles recover quickly after a tough workout. The product is safe to use because it is organic. It is popular among bodybuilders and athletes because of its benefits.


Caution: The product shouldn’t be taken by people who are less than 18 years old. If you have any kind of allergy, you should consult your physician before taking Creatine-based supplements. Creatine is a natural product, which makes it safe for normal use. However, pregnant and lactating women should avoid using these products.